12 Popular Energy Healing Types and How Anyone can Benefit (2024)

Energy healing upgraded my life! While I worked as a Mental Health Counselor, I struggled with daily headaches. I did not want to take the strong medications doctors prescribed.  So instead, I saw a craniosacral and polarity therapist weekly. I was relieved to be able...

What is the Cause of Crippling Depression?

In this blog, I give my professional opinion on the cause of crippling depression, with supportive research. The blog includes a link to a meditation I recorded called Pretend Death Meditation.

How to Stop Bad Memories From Repeating

How to Stop Bad Memories From Repeating

How to Stop Bad Memories from Repeating Millions of people are haunted by past memories and need help.  For some, the memories repeat in their dreams, and some get hit trying to live their lives with horrific past memories resurfacing wherever - which makes enjoying...

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Healing Wisdom

Healing Wisdom

Healing Wisdom Guide 2022 The keys points to healing wisdom are. Deep Rest, Gratitude, Support, Kindness, and Celebration Download Guide

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