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Bethany Latimer, Owner
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Somatic ~ Bioenergetic ~ Gestalt Therapy

Loved & Trusted By Clients over 20 years

After 20 years of trusted service transforming pain for hundreds of clients, Bethany has created Sol Heals.  Affordable quality therapy formatted in a beautifully designed structure of weekly course content and group therapy.  Check services for more information on the details and cost affordability break down.

Titration is my go-to tool. It’s the fastest working tool when the pain is snowballing.

My jaw and feet don’t hurt which is huge for me. I lay down to go to sleep at night and notice my teeth don’t hurt.

“Prior therapy would take me into a past trauma and irritate me, but this is so different to be with trauma but not in it and heal is amazing.”

Turning my anxiety into a color, it did not last as long.

I am a more introverted person, and the group has been surprising me and changed the way I do things after therapy. It stays with me longer.

“You are a bright light and impact many lives, including mine thank you.” 

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Affordable Quality Online Therapy

If your household income is less than 75,000 per year, you qualify for our therapy at a reduced cost.

The less you make the less you pay!  Click to view the cost per income chart.

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