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It's about time we take back our mental Health! Compared to wait times and the high cost of therapy, we provide you the tools to DIY your own healing.

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Make new supportive and inclusive friends in Sol Heals Social Healing Platform.

Join a loyal group of friends who share their knowledge and experiences, to support one another to grow, heal, & be happy in life & love.

Step # 1 Free Assessments.

Take 2 free assessments organized by a licensed mental health counselor to determine what barriers stand in the way of your self-improvement.

Step #2 Learning Levels.

In your private profile, you’ll see lessons based on your assessment results. Secure specific skills you need to reduce barriers, on your path to self-growth. Then, advance your growth with our healing classes and groups. Let nothing internal stand in the way of your well-being and relationship success. 

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Step #3 Heal.

Learn skills to empower your self-growth and activate natural healing. Join a study group with friends to share in this learning experience. When you are ready to expand your growth jump into a few healing groups. We do not replace the need for medical professional help.  But…

You are welcome to check out our positive Social Healing Community FREE for 14 days!

Step #4 Share.

If you decide to share your self-growth in a relationship ~ take our couple’s class so that you and your partner can learn communication and conflict resolution skills to build a secure foundation towards enlightened love.

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