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Bethany Latimer, M.A., LMHC
Sol Heals CEO

Our Mission

Sol Heals is dedicated to making a profound impact on the lives of millions to not only support less suffering but to enhance the overall quality of their lives and relationships. Our mission is grounded in the belief that people who seek inner healing and growth deserve the opportunity to do so.  We show dedicated members how to reduce suffering and navigate inner healing by providing comprehensive multimedia education and whole system integration coaching which relies on somatic meditation and bioenergetics resulting in a more natural healing effect.

  • We promote a friendly inclusive community ~ accepting of all faith, races, and orientations.
  • We support the prevention of child abuse and neglect through education and partnerships.
  • We partner with natural holistic practitioners of wellness to combine within mental health for recovery and prevention of medication dependence.

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Sol Heals Grand Public Opening

My Story

 In my day-to-day work as a counselor, I often struggled with tension headaches, so I began looking for help.

A few months of medical appointments later, I was left dissatisfied with no answers and a very expensive prescription, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and went the natural health way.

I’m happy I made this decision. I joined a meditation group and received once a week craniosacral therapy.

It changed my life for the better!  It was so beneficial, I included the tools from meditation in my client sessions.

Client healings sped up dramatically; I was absolutely amazed!  

I knew I had to get this deeper healing work out to the world and reach more people who need a guided way forward.

Sol Heals platform has three program levels that will allow active members to go from emotional pain or dis ease ~ to seeking truth, self-empowerment, peace, trust on their path to whole being.

If you wish to be the best version of yourself, then Sol Heals Realized Whole Being Community could be just the place!

Start the intake “pre-register” process today and get feedback on if this is the right fit for you.  We will be expanding state by state and currently able to offer counseling to those who reside in Washington State.  If you don’t live in Washington State, I’ll let you know as soon as we have service available in the state you live. 


General Questions

What is Sol Heals?

Sol Heals is an affordable online healing community focused on growing skills to go from managing issues to whole healing integration. Sol Heals community offers a weekly support group, course content on your dashboard, additional courses, guided journals and meditations, and live speaking events to guide adults and couples in natural health and whole mind-body integration.

Where does Sol Heals provide services?

Sol Heals provides a supportive therapeutic community exclusively online for those ready to move their personal growth forward, on a more independent level, through Sol Heals community courses and our therapeutic processing support group.

During the enrollment process, Sol Heals will assess a potential member’s needs and provide feedback about Sol Heals being a good fit or not. If there is any question on Sol Heals not being a good fit or the right time for the person to join, Sol Heals will offer a free 30-minute private consultation to clarify needs and provide appropriate information and referral.

For those in need of more individualized mental health treatment, Sol Heals will typically refer out. We anticipate having limited therapists licensed in each state to provide mental health treatment. If a therapist is available on Sol Heals and is licensed in the state in which the client resides, then a member can book an appointment (for a separate charge to the base membership).  If you are an enrolled member of Sol Heals, you can check the “Book a Counselor” section to see if a therapist is licensed for the state you live in and what the charge would be. Alternatively, the member could reach out to the community manager and request an outside referral.


How does Sol Heals differ from seeing a therapist?

In individual therapy, a therapist meets with a client to identify specific issues and needs and together with the client creates treatment goals to work on in sessions.

With Sol Heals, the community has one unified goal of becoming their healthiest version, in mind-body-heart-spirit, addressing emotional and psychological systems towards whole integration.  We do not focus on issues but rather on positive support and guided healing exercises.

To understand more specifics about joining as a member, scroll down to the questions and answers underneath the membership cost.

What if I already have a therapist?

We welcome and encourage all who join us to receive outside individual mental health therapy as needed.  You don’t have to choose between.  You are encouraged to use both Sol Heals Community and receive individual therapy with a therapist you are most comfortable with.  You may come to see within six months (or more) that Sol Heals program course and weekly group therapy are enough to discontinue individual therapy. However, please consult with your individual therapist to determine the proper timing of this. 

How does it work if we are joining as a couple?

You can join Sol Heals as a couple under one membership plan. We are working out the details of this registration process.  This section will be updated as soon as we have it worked out.

What if I am in a bad situation? Should I wait to join?

You are welcome to join Sol Heals at anytime.  But, first take care of all unsafe situations.

For emergency help, call 911 if you happen to be unsafe today.

For urgent support, call 988 if you have thoughts of suicide or are dealing with a potential toxic situation.


What if I want to do my self-growth work but my partner does not?

It takes two to make a relationship work. We encourage all who desire to become their best version to gain the skills towards whole integration.  Never allow a situation or person to stop you from receiving the support you need.

You are encouraged to sign yourself up and invite your partner later if they change their mind.  As this could happen when a partner sees how well another is getting on. 

Does Sol Heals accept insurance?

Since we do not function within the medical model of care, we do not work with insurance.  Realizing this makes it hard for some to afford, we have created our membership pricing wherein most people can afford.  However, if the base membership price is still unaffordable, then apply for a reduced price.  To be approved for up to 40-50% off, you will have to show proof of low income. 

About Our Services

Sol Heals Community & Program Levels

Sol Heals is a community of natural healers looking to grow together towards a unified goal of being empowered in the world as their true self.

Sol Heals has four program levels to progress and advance through.

Level 1.  Skill building to independently manage your mental health using Time Travel Therapy Course on your dashboard.

Level 2. Gaining the skills to navigate, release and purify your defensive system and subconscious conditioning keeping you from your true (future) self.

Level 3. Using previous skills, inquiry meditation and somatic processing of your natural soul healing substances for whole systems integration towards your true (future) self.

Level 4. Merging as your true (future) self, in the world and being empowered to maintain positive alignment in a variety of life circumstances.

Sol Heals Weekly Group Therapy

In addition to the program course workbook on your dashboard, members get access to a weekly live group therapy on Zoom. The weekly group therapy will be tailored to match the program level you are in. You will get the opportunity to practice skills, and somatic exercises, ask questions about the work, and get feedback on life situations.  The group provides all support towards the community’s unified goal of whole integration “all systems in alignment” mind-body-heart-soul and being your true self in the world.

Time Travel Therapy Course

You’ll receive unique tools on your dashboard to meet you where you are at supporting you with specific healing tools designed to free you from your past, navigate life easier, and manifest your future true self. 

Couples Course

If you join as a couple, you’ll receive access to our couples course curriculum going over quality communication, trust building and intimacy. 

Kids and Teens

The community Sol Heals provides is created for adults and couples.  However, there will be future services to support kids and teens along their growth for healthy development psychologically, emotionally and mentally.  We will update this section as it is available. 

sliding scale Membership 

Image showing the Cost of Sol Heals Membership
What is included in the membership?

You get a therapy course workbook on your dashboard, access to live weekly group therapy, a guided journal and a guided meditation journey. The course workbook, guided journal, and meditation all work together to move support your progress through the four levels to whole integration.  You will receive free individual assessments to determine your readiness to progress to the next program level. If you are joining as a couple, you will also get access to the couples’ course lessons.  The platform will have a community manager to offer positive encouragement, motivation, and supportive feedback.  There are reports on your dashboard to track your progress. Over time, more course content will be added in as well we will invite holistic speakers to provide enriching content and other courses depending on which stage of personal development you are at.  For example, once you get far enough along in doing exercises integrating, you will be eligible to take the love essences course.

What is not included in the membership?

Retreats, summits, individual therapy and couples therapy sessions are not included in the base membership. When we have a therapist licensed for the area you reside, you can request a private session with that therapist but you would pay separately for it at the time of booking the session. Sometimes we will have an intern therapist for select areas and for those sessions, the cost will be significantly reduced. The cost of a session will vary depending on the experience level of the therapist. It may be as low as 30 per session or as high as 150 per session.  We do not bill insurance.  For individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist, Sol Heals can provide you with a receipt to submit yourself for insurance reimbursement.  If you have an HSA / FSA account you may attempt to use that to pay for individualized therapy.

Will groups be recorded and accessible later?

All of the course content, exercises, and guided meditations will be recorded and accessible as long as you have an active account.  However, we will not record the weekly group therapy.  We want all to feel safe in the space to open up, ask questions, and share feelings, situations or issues.  Assessments, individual sessions and couples sessions will not be recorded unless agreed upon between you and the therapist.

What time do groups meet?

We will rotate the time of group therapy each week so that people who can’t meet in the evenings, for instance, can still get access to a group therapy session on the weekend or morning.  Therefore, our weekly therapy groups will have a different time each week alternating mornings, evenings, and weekends.

What equipment will I need?

You will need access to a phone or computer connected to the internet with a strong enough signal to handle both audio and video.  You will also need to have Zoom downloaded onto your device.  Please set up your Zoom account to list just your first name or a nickname you wish to go by to maintain your privacy, unless you prefer to forgo privacy and list your full name. 

What type of Group Therapy will I experience?

Our therapy has two unique parts to it known as Time Travel Therapy Course and Sol Heals Somatic Integration Group Therapy. Within the content and process of these, our methods rely on bioenergetics, somatic therapy, gestalt therapy, guided visualization, guided meditation and inquiry meditation.  We approach therapy from a holistic health standpoint.  We will invite alternative health specialists and holistic doctors to present on the platform for your growth support.

P.S. You do not need to have any prior meditation experience to participate in our group therapy community.  As a member, the tools you receive will prepare you to one day meditate on your own.  Many will reach this by Program level 3.

P.S.S. This type of deeper whole-healing group therapy is not for everyone. Please understand this is why we ask additional questions in the registration and we will consult with you if you may not be a match to offer a solution or a referral.

How is the therapy program structured?

The community program is structured by progressing through four levels of healing towards whole integration.  The curriculum will meet you and support your progress along the way. As you work through the content and exercises, there will be points added so you can see how far you’ve grown.

Level 1, you will practice skill-building to manage your mental health independently. In level 2, you will be guided to purify your defense and subconscious systems for more relief.  In level 3, you will take your healing deeper into soul substances for integration.  The previous two levels prepare and provide you with all the tools to do this.  Level 4 you will practice being in the world as your true self, self-empowered, making conscious positive life choices, and blending multiple perspectives for positive influence on reality.

A bit more on the advanced levels….

In level 3, you will use all the skills from before to support you with purifying defensive and subconscious systems and getting more familiar with your inner natural healing soul system. During your weekly group therapy, expert therapists will answer questions and help guide you to navigate these systems.

Once you are in level 4, your system will be completing the whole integration of your being, where you are free from the attachments to the past and the ego and aligned mind-body-heart-soul.  The advanced stage is marked by spending time becoming familiar with your natural soul system and expressing your true self, receiving group support to live life from the reality you wish to cultivate.

Deep diving into your systems sounds intimidating but it need not be ~ because you can only dive into the depth for which you are prepared. Sol Heals courses and weekly support groups prepare you safely towards being integrated, whole, and in alignment as your true self.

Why Does Sol Heals focus on group therapy over Individual therapy?

We have designed Sol Heals to be primarily a group therapy structure because of the following reasons and benefits:

1. Members will benefit from having a larger support group rather than a one-therapist response.

2. With the high demand for therapy and the difficulty gaining access to sessions, the group is a solution to help heal more people, known as the observer effect.

3. People often have similar issues. The focus of group is on healing not on labeling issues and treating symptoms. We are treating the whole person and people are not that different once you peel back the issues.

5. Members get the opportunity to receive more learning and healing.  Healing in a group dynamic holds a lot more impact than in an individual session.

6. Finally, group therapy is a good solution to break down stigma, promote inclusivity, and support those who would otherwise not afford individual therapy. With groups, we have more flexibility to allow people with lower incomes to receive the quality group therapy support they need.

What will be expected of me for whole healing?

You can expect to spend 2-3 years in coursework and group support to prep, navigate, and integrate your systems for whole healing. Ask yourself, “Can I give myself up to 3 years to heal myself for whole integration”?  If you answered yes, then this may be a good fit for you, and are encouraged to give it a go.  Keep in mind that three years will pass even if you don’t focus on your well-being, so why not give yourself the gift of whole integration?

You and you alone are responsible for the progress you make. If you are showing up to learn and partake in the groups, you can expect positive changes.  The rate at which you grow will be equivalent to the attendance at which you give your groups, work on assignments outside of the group, and participate in the guided meditations. By attending quarterly assessments, you will get the opportunity to see how far you are growing and be assured of your progress.  For all members, we expect everyone to be a positive supportive influence for self and others. Please request support for yourself as needed.

How is my privacy handled on the platform?

Sol Heals staff keep your identifying information private. If you decide to share information about yourself on the platform that is your choice.  You have the power to keep your identity private too. When you set up your account, you’ll be asked to create a username.  This will be the name that others see for you.  Feel free to use the name that you would like to be called.  People will come to know you by your username.  So use what you would like others to call you.  We encourage you to keep your last name and contact information private. Also, consider updating your zoom profile to match the username you create or simply go by a first name basis.  We will remind new members enrolling of these pieces while setting up.

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