Sol Heals FAQ

General Questions

What is Sol Heals?

Sol Heals is an affordable online therapy community offering therapy groups and courses guiding adults and couples to mind body integrated whole healing.

How does Sol Heals differ from seeing a therapist?

When you see a therapist, you and the therapist set goals based on your specific issues and you meet for a period of time until you feel better.

With Sol Heals, the community has one unified goal of integrating their systems for whole healing.  We do not focus on issues but rather on healing.

To understand more specifics about joining as a member, scroll down to the questions and answers underneath the membership cost.

What if I already have a therapist?

We welcome and encourage all who join us to receive therapy for support as needed.  You don’t have to choose between.  You are encouraged to use both Sol Heals Realized Whole Healing Community and your individual therapist.  You may come to see within a few months that the group therapy and course content actually is more than enough and you may not need to continue individual therapy.

How does it work if we are joining as a couple?

You can join Sol Heals as a couple under one membership, but we are working out the details of this registration process.  This section will be updated as soon as we have it worked out.

What if I am in a bad situation? Should I wait to join?

You are welcome to join Sol Heals at anytime.  But, first take care of all unsafe situations.

For emergency help, call 911 if you happen to be unsafe today.

For urgent support, call 988 if you have thoughts of suicide or are dealing with an unsafe situation.


What if I want to do my self-growth work but my partner does not?

It takes two to make a relationship work. 

If you wish for healing, it is always to a good idea to move forward and do so. 

You are encouraged to sign yourself up and add in your partner if they change their mind later. 

Does Sol Heals accept insurance?

Since we do not function within the medical model of care, we do not work with insurance.  Realizing this makes it hard for some to afford therapy, we offer significant discounts for those with low annual incomes, see sliding scale chart below. 

About Our Services

Sol Heals Somatic Integration Group Therapy

Members receive weekly somatic group therapy hosted on zoom with a licensed therapist to guide you on how to navigate your system towards release, integration and whole healing.

Time Travel Therapy Course

You’ll receive unique tools on your dashboard to meet you where you are at supporting you with specific healing tools designed to free you from your past, navigate life easier, and manifest your future true self. 

Couples Course

If you join as a couple, you’ll receive access to our couples course curriculum going over quality communication, trust building and intimacy. 

Therapist Certification

We will be providing certification to outside therapists use of our therapy once we have it legally patented.  If you are a therapist interested in learning whole integrated healing methods, feel free to connect with us on when we are starting a group up.  

Kids and Teens

The therapy Sol Heals provides is created for adults and couples.  However, there will be future services to support kids and teens along their growth and development to being mentally and emotionally intellectually well.  As we have our other services available, we will update this section.  

Have a specific question? Send us a message.