Hi! I'm Bethany

I love helping others heal and grow using a combination of psychology, energy healing and inquiry meditation.

I humbly resonate with Anne Frank's words to not wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

❤️ Bethany
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I’m so happy with all the new faces! Read my back story & how I can help you.

I owned a family counseling practice and was a popular therapist in Olympia, Washington.

Due to tension headaches, I practiced daily meditation and attended weekly energy healing for my self-care. 

It was so beneficial, I included it in client sessions (see testimonials below).

My clients’ healings sped up drastically.  I was absolutely amazed so….

Now, I’m on a healing mission to reach more people who need healing. 

The pandemic provided me the time to build Sol Heals an online healing platform where you can take assessments, learn, connect and grow at your pace.

I’d be honored to have you join us and take your self-growth and relationship to the next level!

Sol Heals Platform

Coming soon!  Target Opening Date is February 2023.  Until then, we are working hard to finish the assessments, lessons and set it up on mobile, app and desktop.

Please take a moment to learn about our Fundraiser in the menu under events.  Fans who participate will hear about an opportunity for long-term rewards.

Sol Heals Platform offers a positive community of friends. Talk to friends on the platform for mutual support and advice, and grow your mental wellness knowledge and tools, at your own pace. 

But that is not all!  

Join a couples class to advance your skills in communication, emotion regulation of self and other, and take your relationship intimacy to a higher frequency of connection. 

We will offer so much more…. coaching calls and a zoom inquiry meditation group, in our premium plan, and new exciting stuff over time.

There is no catch, truly. We all deserve to live an abundantly happy life, free of suffering, and full of peace and love ~ start your self-growth and relationship healing journey for an unbelievably low cost of just eating out once a month.

You don’t have to pay a premium price, until you are ready for advanced healing groups. AND… Your first 14 days is free so cancel if you don’t love it.

Click to view our Platform Features.

Sol Heals is a supplemental community support and healing service to boost your personal growth & relationship success.

Sol Heals does not replace the need for a medical professional or private mental health counseling. 

We kick off the platform February 2023. Click Alert Me, so we can email you when it is time to set up your profile, begin your assessment and connect with our positive healing community.

Free 14-day Trial. Cancel anytime.


Our Team

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Sol Heals is an online self-development learning site meant to support adults with mental health, psychology, mindfulness and energy healing tools, lessons, resources, community discussion, groups and more.  So that people can be empowered to expand their own self-growth and healing in between and beyond therapy sessions.  For the purpose to cultivate a new earth of sustainable quality healthy relationships.

Sol Heals platform is inclusive and serves all gender identities and nationalities. We serve adults 18 and older motivated for self-growth beyond issues in mental health and relationships. The assessment and lessons on the platform are designed to hold space for both those that are beginning their self-growth journey or advanced within it. 

Beginning lessons and classes are designed for a person who has not practiced meditation, energy exercises nor met with a therapist to understand triggers.

Advanced lessons and groups in inquiry meditation, essential identity and manifestation are available for a person who has done prior self-growth work and is actively evolving in self-actualization.

Since we anticipate most who join to fall somewhere in between beginning and advanced, lessons and classes are created to meet these people where they are at.

Sol Heals Platform is not meant for those who do not put time into their self-grow and/or show up with a toxic negative attitude. Sol Heals owner reserves the right to not service an individual. SH platform is an inclusive, accepting and positive space free of destruction.

Each person gets a one time 14-day free trial. After that the cost is $24.99 per month.  A person can remain at this rate until they are ready to join advanced groups. 

Advanced groups are intended for those ready for that level. The monthly cost is $79.99 due to the in person time with a group leader.

This will be dependent on the person, their personal goals, focus, intention and behaviors. Inside the platform, you can use a slider to indicate how far you want to take your self-growth. You are encouraged to set a few personal goals and work daily on your current lesson as well as engage in discussions. 

Even if you are at the beginning stages of your self-growth journey, working daily on the lessons, courses and engaging with our positive community will speed up your progress.

Once you get into the advanced lessons, you are no longer concerned with the time investment of your self-growth journey.

As well, at any point along your growth work, you can book a coaching call (upgrade charge) to get individual support or you can add in a class to work on an aspect of your past.

The platform does not replace the need to meet with a therapist, but it does provide all the support one would need to accelerate self-growth.

We welcome and encourage all who join us to have an outside individual therapist (if you find a need for this). It is actually easier on a person to move their self-growth forward if they have a therapist or previous experience in therapy.  

It will be the same as if you join as yourself signing up.  You will create a profile for yourself and are encouraged to complete the two assessments to see what lessons you need for self-growth.  Your partner will complete their own profile and assessments to determine their needs for self-growth. 

The couple’s course is additional learning.  It will not teach self-management and self-growth lessons, so it is really beneficial to do both. You are encouraged to continue self-growth lessons while you take the couple’s course. However, if self-management of thoughts and emotions are low for one partner, then it would be best to get that education in before starting the couple’s course.

This would be a big disadvantage for the relationship.  If one person works on self-growth and the other does not, this may cause a disconnection in the relationship, especially if the partner not doing their self-growth work has previously not done any. I encourage sharing this information with your partner and you make a decision that is best for you in your life at this time. 

Actually, all the more reason to join immediately.  There is support and resources inside the group for you to move forward in life and get beyond toxic or unsafe situations as well as education to handle unhealthy boundaries. Don’t wait, join.

For emergency help, call 911

For urgent support, call 988

Privacy is set by you in your profile and in your behavior.  For instance, a person who does not feel comfortable talking about themself may limit or not interact in discussions.  To support those to feel more comfortable engaging and talking, you have the option to create an anonymous avatar profile using the name of your choice. 

Sol Heals administration will need to know your full legal name, phone and address for everyone’s protection and we require this information upon sign up in order to offer you services.  With different levels of sharing comfortability, you control your profile privacy settings and through your behavior you decide how much is shared and when.

Who Started Sol Heals?

Hi! I'm Bethany

There’s a lot of new faces around here, so I want to introduce myself! I’m the owner of Sol Heals and I’m so happy you’re here! I love helping others grow on their journey to enlightenment.

Sol Heals Online Meditation

Bethany Latimer, M.A., LMHC

Meditation Healing Offers Hope to Many

Bethany started Sol Heals to help more people with mental health issues access natural soul healing.  She was a popular mental health counselor for 15 years.  Due to tension headaches, she took up meditation and energy healing for her own self-care.  It was so beneficial, she added it in client sessions.  To her amazement, client’s healing sped up dramatically.  Bethany is on a mission to offer her healing skills to many more who need it…

Alternatives to Medication

It is common in American culture to first seek relief with medication.  Yoga and meditation are 2 promising ways to resolve stress inducing mental and physical health issues.  There came a point in Bethany’s life where she was prescribed a strong medication for her headaches. The side effects looked scary, so she researched alternatives, and began a routine of light yoga, detox baths, herbal supplements and increased her meditation to twice daily. Turns out, she effectively used meditation, herbs and yoga as an alternative to medication.  More on that point, Bethany saw numerous mental health patients progress, within a few months, by consistently attending to counseling and practicing yoga and/or meditation.  Natural health practices have the capability of reversing issues.  Subscribe to Sol heals to experience meditation as a supplemental resource for healing emotional, physical and mental pain.

disclaimer: Bethany is a mental health professional, not a medical doctor. If you are taking medications and think of stopping or adjusting your medications, contact your prescribing doctor for advice.  

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Wait! Don't miss out...

Try out the platform. Never know, it could be the place that turns your life around!

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